The Support4Good web app.  Is still in a pre-development phase.  It seems other plants that grow more quickly are growing up around the core mission of Support4Good, which is the web app.

When the app is launched for the beta, businesses and nonprofits will use the app as a supplemental revenue source.  For nonprofits, increased donations is the function of the software.  For businesses, increased warm customer leads is the payoff of participation in the service.  

Nonprofits can enjoy the free tier or a premium tier.  Some participation by the nonprofit is required for the software to deliver its benefits so we hope to see a community of active users who can share their successes and knowledge.

Businesses will pay to a monthly membership fee with three different tiers.  In the simplest terms, Support4Good will provide a lead generation/advertising function for participating companies.  A heavier flow of leads will be achievable according to your membership tier.